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Painkiller Xbox delayed

Numbing sensation.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

DreamCatcher's issued one of those carefully worded "we've delayed it" releases about Painkiller: Hell Wars on Xbox.

Apparently they're "extending the development time" (7/10 for spin), "in order to ensure that the game meets the high standards of its predecessor" (5/10 for spin and, er, the game itself).

"The additional time will be used to fine tune the gameplay so it delivers a fun, high-quality, action-packed gaming experience."

In the actual quotey bits, DreamCatcher's Byron Gaum said the team wanted to make sure all the best bits of the PC version were fully integrated, complaining: "Too often, titles are rushed to market that fall short. DreamCatcher is committed to making Painkiller: Hell Wars a must-have title for the Xbox, and quite possibly the last great shooter on the Xbox platform."

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