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Vietcong single-player demo released

Sorry to be a nuisance but would you awfully mind sticking that ruddy great poo-stick somewhere else dear fellow?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gathering (there is no GOD) has released a 100MB single-player demo of Vietcong, which Kristan reviewed earlier this week. The demo features the Crash in the Jungle mission from the full game, with the player leading a small squad of soldiers on a rescue mission. You can even play it in three difficulty modes to give you a better idea of what's required from the full game. We also get the impression from the filename ("vietcong_teen_single_player_demo_v1.0") that this version has been stripped off its profanity. But hopefully not the blood-letting. And just to clarify, that is speculation on our part. Because my PC here isn't powerful enough to run the thing.

With Eurofiles still not ready (sorry, but it will be worth the wait), you can find the demo at FilePlanet, 3D Gamers or your preferred file outlet. You've probably got one.

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