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New Age of Wonders title on the way

A triumphant production.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Triumph Studios is developing a new Age of Wonders title called Shadow Magic, due out in September 2003, publisher Take-Two has announced via its Gathering label. The Dutch developer plans to launch players into the heart of a mythological world where a new Empire is attacking the Ancient Races and all things magic. Meanwhile, it says 'ere, an even greater evil populated by hellish demons breeds in its shadows. Players will control various mythical champions with dozens of spells to use against the evil Phobius, picking allies with great care and aspiring to become the greatest sorcerer of all time and the supreme ruler of an enchanted empire. The game takes place in a new Shadow World dimension and battle new races.

The game will also include a map generator and a campaign editor for mod-minded gamers. Commenting on this, lead designer Lennart Sas said Triumph has "paid particular attention to the interface to ensure that the now almost limitless modification options are easily accessible and enable newcomers to get straight into the action."

As you may have spotted on your way in, we also have a couple of screenshots of the game available here.

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