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Saint's Row demo goes Live

Roam (for) free.

As promised, THQ has popped a Saint's Row demo up on Xbox Live Marketplace. It's 904MB (!), and available everywhere except Germany and - you guessed it - Mexico.

According to THQ, the demo features three full missions from the free-roaming Grand Theft Auto "inspired" 360 effort, along with some free-roaming activities and a limited portion of the city to play around in.

The full game city, naturally, will be a lot bigger, with tons more missions and on-the-fly side-missions to dabble in, along with a host of multiplayer modes that actually look quite neat - providing you can get past all the gangland stuff.

For more on the game, check out our recent preview of the multiplayer modes and interview with project lead Christopher Stockman.

Saint's Row is due out on September 1st.