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Croteam working on Serious Sam 2


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Croteam has been "working on a sequel to Serious Sam: The Second Encounter for quite some time", according to CEO Roman Ribaric. Utilising Serious Engine 2, Serious Sam 2 as it's been dubbed is "definitely going to be a 2004 release," on PC, "with the Xbox also in our design plan."

"What will make Serious Engine 2 and Serious Sam 2 special is frantic action with tons of enemies on top of all that," Ribaric told GameSpot, "along with our Huuuuge Bosses (tm), Crazy Humor (tm), Serious Vehicles (tm), and other Sick Surprises (tm). And of course, you'll finally meet Notorious Mental." Well, of course.

For all its flaws, Serious Sam is one of our favourite no-frills shoot-everything titles of recent years, and although the news that a second one is in production isn't hugely surprising, it has warmed the cockles of our plasma guns. Cheers Ro'.

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