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Infospace sexifies soccer

Not an actual word.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

InfoSpace has announced the European launch of Sexy Soccer, a new mobile phone game that rewards skilful players with images of partially clothed women.

Sexy Soccer is said to feature "a compelling mix of soccer skills training and good-looking girls." According to InfoSpace, it stands out from the crowd of soccer games dominating the mobile market "by combining football mini-games with scantily clad football trainers."

There are three mini-games to choose from, based around dribbling, spot kick and keepy up skills. If players earn a high enough score, their female football trainer will remove an item of clothing.

"The launch of Sexy Soccer coincides with the FIFA World Cup 2006 Tournament and provides a saucy and enjoyable alternative to the many serious football games available on mobiles," said InfoSpace marketing VP Alan Welsman.

"Girls and gaming are two of the most established revenue generators within the mobile entertainment sector. By combining the two within a simple, accessible, fast and fun title, we’ve created a fresh approach to the football games genre for mobile."

Sexy Soccer is available for Java-enabled handsets throughout Europe, priced at GBP 3. Other forthcoming InfoSpace titles include Trickshot Pool, MTV Pimp My Ride, Le Mans 2006 and Back Attack.

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