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PAL Shadow extras confirmed

Plus: play it projected 16m-wide onto a building near you.

Sony has announced its plans to herald the European release of Shadow of the Colossus on February 17th.

That date also marks the re-release of the same team's previous game ICO, which received an incredibly limited run when it first came out over here.

Shadow's PAL packaging will adopt a similar approach to the limited edition ICO pack of several years ago, shipping with a postcard set featuring still images of iconic scenes from the game.

What's more, there'll also be some extra content on the disc - interviews with creative directors Fumito Ueda and Kenji Kaido, unseen concept sketches and in-game stills, and the original trailer for ICO. Which you all totally have to buy this time okay?

The official site will also run a competition asking people to design their own colossus, with the winner hand-chosen by Ueda and in for a "once in a lifetime trip for two to a surprise destination".

On top of all that, SCEUK is going to be doing nationwide promos using building projection tech so that people can play Shadow on 16-metre-wide projection.

For more on Shadow, best check out our game page, which is overflowing with info. We'll be bringing you fresh takes on both it and ICO closer to Feb 17th.