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Prince Of Persia's 'Terminator' revealed

The Dahaka - an enemy the Prince cannot harm: first details...

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Ubisoft is a tease. Forever drip feeding us with nuggets of information and trying to whet our appetite with tantalising new details - and last night was no exception when it snuck out the latest Prince Of Persia 2 information, giving us a taster of the game's storyline and the Prince's new nemesis - the Dahaka; an enemy he can't harm "sent after him to restore thing to the way they should have been". Erk.

In Q&A with the game's producer Yannis Mallat, he tells us: "The Prince should have died in the Sultan's palace, it's the Dahaka's job to make that happen. The Dahaka is really good at its job. So good, in fact, that in all of recorded history, there is no mention of an individual managing to escape its grasp." Oh dear. Looks like the Prince has met his match - or has he?

Accordingly, The Prince has been getting his eye in, attempting to train his way up to become a master swordsman, and generally leaping around the world getting as far away from The Dahaka as possible, rarely sleeping.

Every time, he knew his foe was only a matter of days or hours away "the truth of the matter is he's up against an apparently invincible creature which is never more than a few steps behind him. And it's driving him him mad..."

Reading between the lines, its clear that Ubisoft wants to address the less than perfect combat in last year's otherwise superb swashbuckling adventure. In which case, expect a massively overhauled combat system and lots of showdowns with this Dahaka fellow. Think Terminator 2 in the middle eastern past...

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