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Joint Ops to escalate

Expansion pack earmarked for November 16th release...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Novalogic's 'record breaking' online FPS Joint Ops is to receive the expansion pack treatment in time for Christmas, the company has announced.

Joint Ops: Escalation has been given a November 16th release date, and breaks out of the original's Indonesian setting, with the conflict spilling over to "other parts of Asia where rebel troops have gained support in the war against the newly reinforced Joint Ops forces".

Once again, the selling point is massive scale combat for up to 150 players at once, and the South East-Asian backdrop will feature Airports, Radar Tracking Stations and Rocket launch facilities.

Accordingly, over the campaign players will get to grips with an array of vehicles including Attack Choppers and Battle Tanks as well as Mobile SAM Launchers and Dirt Bikes, and players get to experience airborne insertions into hot zones via Parachute.

On top of that, fans can expect (deep breath) ceramic body armour, optional third person weapon view for select vehicles, new emplaced weaponry for enhanced base defence, and over 25 new maps, including new Co-Op and Training missions (26, at a rough guess...). No doubt, all welcome additions for the game's many fans...

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