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Resident Evil 4 slips back in the US

US retailers push it back to February 2005 - could this mean a further slip for Europe?

GameCube tour-de-force Resident Evil 4 looks likely to be pushed back, if US retail information is to be believed.

Major US retailers Gamestop and EB Games last week began listing the game's release date as February 2005, representing a slip of over two months.

Although here in Europe we weren't expecting the game to ship until February/March anyway, news of a slip in the States is almost certain to have an impact on our release date, and one would therefore expect the game to be two to three months behind the US release date - as is usually the case with Capcom releases. Indeed, Resident Evil Outbreak, out in the US since April, will debut in PAL territories some five months behind the US, and lacking the all-important online play.

Early playable impressions of Resident Evil 4 mark it out as something very special indeed, with visuals far superior to anything seen in the long-running series to date, and a degree of gritty realism lacking in the B-movie style series to date.

Capcom Eurosoft said it would update us with the official European line on situation in due course.

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