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New Serious Sam II details

Plus seriously good screenshots.

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Croteam has revealed more details of the enemies you can expect to encounter in Serious Sam II, the forthcoming PC and Xbox FPS. There are also some nice new screenshots to look at.

If you're one of the millions of people who hate and fear clowns, SSII's Marcel is likely to give you nightmares. He lobs cakes containing plastic explosives that detonate on contact - but the good news is you can shoot them from long range, and they'll kill anything around them when they explode.

Then there are the Harpies, which were created out of leftover chicken legs and Levitating entities, and will rip you to shreds with their razor sharp talons if you're not careful.

Next up are the Martial Arts Zombies, whose flying cycle kicks pack an even nastier punch since they've been equipped with hooves instead of feet - not to mention deadly shurikens which can take you out from far away.

Rhino Cybertoys began life as cuddly toy animals, but their fluffy stuffing has been removed and replaced with exploding plasma fuel. They've also got titanium horns and can chase you down at turbo speed.

Rollerballs are basically marbles with spiky titanium casings. They're hard to avoid once they're on a roll, and long range rockets are probably your best bet - get too close and you'll be impaled on their spiny shells.

Zombie stockbrokers are the ghosts of young city types who committed suicide following a stock market crash and come equipped with heavy duty shotguns, while Beheaded Kamikaze soldiers can move at super-fast speeds and take you out with the new Sirian bomb of death.

Onan the Librarians are humanoid monstrosities armed with sharp axes and chrome shields, and Spider Mechanoids are speedy little creatures who attack in groups. Their insides are filled with poisonous acid and they can also shoot lethal spiderwebs at enemies.

Plus there are super-sized Spider Mechanoids, known as Mommies, which can endlessly spawn the smaller ones. They're not easy to bring down, either, since they have a protective coating that disintegrates metal on contact.

And finally there's Torso Mech - the nervous chicken. He vowed for revenge after watching Sam slay his father, Biomechanoid Major, and you'll find him facing of with Serious in several levels.

Serious Sam II is due out in the Autumn. In the meantime, you can read more about the game.

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