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New Pikmin 3DS game announced

Pikmin phwoar.

Nintendo has just announced a Pikmin side-scrolling action game for 3DS.

Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS (its current working title) is due to arrive at some point in 2017.

It's the first new game in the series since Pikmin 3 arrived for Wii U, shortly after the console launched. It'll also be the first time a Pikmin game has been developed for a handheld.

For 3DS, the series' gameplay has been switched to a side-scrolling perspective, with individual Pikmin getting thrown by series hero Captain Olimar via a flick of your stylus.

We spotted Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin in the game's first trailer, plus the classic Bulborb enemies. Catch the footage below at the end of the Nintendo Direct:

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So, is this the Pikmin 4 which Shigeru Miyamoto told Eurogamer was in development? Or is there another, separate, standard Pikmin game in the works as well?

Last year Miyamoto exclusively told us that the next Pikmin game was close to completion. With a release next year, you'd think this was likely the project he was referring to - unless a Wii U sequel being worked on at the time got pushed back to the upcoming NX.