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Hey! Pikmin's smart amiibo functionality feels much fairer than Metroid's

Collect your real-world figurines in-game.

Earlier this week, Nintendo detailed the amiibo functionality for Metroid: Samus Returns - and that you'll need four figurines to unlock everything the game has to offer, such as an extra difficulty mode and concept art/music galleries.

Today, images have surfaced of the amiibo functionality in fellow 3DS game Hey! Pikmin, which is available now in the UK. Here, what you get for your amiibo collection looks a lot fairer - you can scan in your amiibos to get a quick puzzle level where you can collect them as treasures in-game.

These mini-levels will appear as "Secret Spots" on your world map. You'll get a short cave to navigate, and the amiibo you scanned as an in-game reward.

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As previously announced, you can also tap in your Smash Bros. Olimar amiibo or the new Pikmin amiibo to call in a few extra Pikmin in a time of need.

But you can also use any Mario or Splatoon series amiibo to capture them as a treasure. And, like all Pikmin treasure, each statue comes with its own humorous description (thanks, MonAmiibo).

Mario, for example, is listed as "Dungareed Colossus". Luigi's statue is titled "Unsung Hero". Toad is "Anatomical Enigma."

Many of the descriptions include Nintendo in-jokes. Toad's figurine discusses the long-running fan debate of whether the character's mushroom head is part of his body or a hat (it's part of his head, unless you believe the non-canon Mario cartoon).

The description of Yoshi's statue similarly discusses whether Yoshi's shoes and saddle-like hump are natural parts of its body or items of clothing.

Oli played through the game - sans amiibo - for Eurogamer's Hey! Pikmin review.

"This basic puzzle-platformer captures none of the depth and panic of Miyamoto's surreal strategy games, but a good deal of the charm," he wrote.

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