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New PAL Releases Roundup

MGS4 out today, Civ Rev/Okami tomorrow.

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Whether you're a lover or a fighter (or a negotiator, diplomat or despot), this week's heaving shelves have something for you - the biggest heave being the one beneath Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

You've read the review; now you can make up your own mind. If you're venturing onto PSN with the Metal Gear Online component, you'll also be able to shoot us in the head, as we'll be testing it over the next few days and bringing you our thoughts next week.

It's not all about MGS4 this week though, as Wii owners will be keen to point out, because this is also European gamers' first opportunity to buy the superlative Wii version of Okami, which we adored. If you never played the PS2 version, don't miss out a second time.

Meanwhile, 2K has been busy polishing up a fancy duo: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution on PS3/360, which streamlines rather than dumbs down the brilliant Civ formula and results in a powerful strategy effort that doesn't force you to play for an entire day at once; and Don King Presents Prizefighter.

The latter is due out on 360 this week (with Wii and DS versions due later) and we've been punching it through its paces. Look out for the full review tomorrow, but don't get your hopes too far up, boxing fans: it's going to be difficult to recommend, and the documentary videos are like that bit in films where the telepathic one can suddenly hear everyone's thoughts at once and it's overwhelming aaaaah.

Finally, a quick word for Soul Bubbles, although given that we woke up earlier this week to discover Eidos had painted our website green we probably don't need to point out that it's available tomorrow. Kristan's playing through it at this very moment and is making appreciative noises. Either that or he's having a seizure. Neither scenario troubles me.

P.S. Do we need to discuss The Incredible Hulk? Or shall we just assume the worst?

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