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New Leisure Suit Larry?

Sierra not telling.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sierra has said it is keen to explore new ideas, but avoided rumours that a new fully-fledged Leisure Suit Larry game is in development.

"Leisure Suit Larry has been a popular franchise for Sierra Entertainment for many years, as the holder of the intellectual property rights we are always exploring new ideas," a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer.

"We have not announced the development of a new Leisure Suit Larry game, but fans should check out the Sierra website for an update on our other current and upcoming titles."

Guilty of spreading the rumours this time was comedian Artie Lange, who joked (probably) on the Howard Stern show that he had just finished recording a voice-over for the game.

He will play a chap called "Big Al", according to Wired, who presumably is tall rather than look over there it's a sparrow.

We're not sure why he would lie about something like that, mind you.

Leisure Suit Larry is an adventure game originally famed for its saucy adult content. Hooray. However, as it gained iteration upon iteration it shed its gloriously seedy tone in favour of more mass market appeal. Boo.

Let's hope this is a right old pile of smut in HD, right? Because that's what we need.

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