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New Final Fantasy XIV classes revealed

Gladiator and Pugilist take their bows.

The official Final Fantasy XIV site has details on two new player classes for the forthcoming Square Enix MMO: Gladiator and Pugilist.

Both of these are Disciples of War, belonging to one of the game's four disciplines: the others are Magic, the Land (gathering) and the Hand (crafting). Players can switch and develop their class at will according to the items they have equipped.

The Gladiator is primarily a close-range swordsman, and is shown in heavy armour. Gladiators often use shields, but not always. Other weaponry includes throwing knives and the intriguing, bladed Lantern Shield. It's clearly a tank or melee fighter.

The Pugilist is a pure melee fighter, doing the greatest damage at close range with fist weapons, but also proficient with thrown implements like the Chakram.

We already know about three other Disciples of War: the Archer, Lancer and Marauder, although the latter remains something of a mystery, along with the whole discipline of Magic.

Final Fantasy XIV is due for release on PS3 and PC next year.