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New Final Fantasy 15 gameplay reminds us of Metal Gear Solid

Stealth! Turrets! Stealth!

Square Enix released new gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 15 over the weekend - and it shows off a different side to the Japanese role-playing adventure.

The footage, below, sees Final Fantasy 15's J-Pop band skulk about a military base riddled with enemy soldiers and the odd Metal Gear Rex - sorry, giant mech.

The level is designed to show off stealth play. The player uses cover to avoid detection, warping from one place to the other and taking out enemies with sneak attacks.

Eventually, though, the party is detected, and the tactics change from stealth to all out attack. Here we see Final Fantasy 15's more fluid, action-based combat in all its glory.

Oh, and of course there's a turret bit.

Square Enix will announce a release date for Final Fantasy 15 on 30th March. It looks like it's actually going to come out.

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