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Never Alone Wii U release date set for Europe

Out now in North America.

Native Alaskan folklore-based platformer Never Alone is coming to the European Wii U eShop on 9th July.

Never Alone follows the adventures of an Iñupiaq girl and her fox trying to stop a blizzard.

It just came out on Thursday, 25th June, in North America.

The European Wii U release date was spotted on the eShop by Nintendo Hall on Twitter. It will cost €14.99 (about £11).

Never Alone (or Kisima Ingitchuna, as it's known in its Native tongue) was one of last year's most pleasant surprises. Developed by Upper One Games in association with actual Native Alaskans, Never Alone sought to teach the world at large about the culture of Alaska's underrepresented Native population.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Starkey bestowed it with the rare Eurogamer Essential award upon its PC, PS4 and Xbox One release last November.

Starkey, a Native from other parts of America, loved Never Alone so much that he would go on to repeatedly tell people at GDC how life-changing it was for him. "Instead of eliciting self-pity, it stands in absolute defiance of everything that I've grown to be, not only telling me to be better, but showing me how," he said in his eye-opening Never Alone review. Do check it out.

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