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Netflix pulls in 1 million Live users

Racks up 1.5 billion mins of viewing time.

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Microsoft has announced that more than 1 million Xbox 360 owners have watched movies via the Netflix download service.

They've racked up 1.5 billion minutes of viewing time in total. Pretty impressive considering the service only launched in November, and is still only available in the US.

"Netflix is a great win for Xbox living rooms nationwide," said Microsoft exec John Schappert. "These families are getting more entertainment from Xbox 360 than from any other device connected to their TVs."

Meanwhile, those of us in the rest of the world have had to make do with the Video Marketplace and a selection of films which is less than stellar (good to know Another Cinderella Story and Space Jam are there if we need them, though).

That hasn't stopped people taking advantage - globally, content downloads rose by 174 per cent between December and January.

So will us Europeans ever get a movie download service as good as the one enjoyed by our American friends? Come on Microsoft, YES WE CAN.

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