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Neil Gaiman's video game debut Wayward Manor gets a release date

Developer The Odd Gentlemen is next working on the Homestuck Game.

Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman's video game debut, Wayward Manor, is coming to PC and Mac via Steam on 15th July, developer The Odd Gentlemen has announced.

Wayward Manor.

Wayward Manor is a puzzle game that puts players in the spectral shoes of a ghost tasked with spooking the new tenants of the titular 1920s New England estate. Think of it like Luigi's Mansion in reverse.

Over 3000 fans supported the partially crowdfunded project when it was announced last autumn. Tablet ports have been announced by publisher Moonshark, though no release date has been set for these.

In other The Odd Gentlemen news, the The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom developer recently announced that it's working on a game based on Andrew Hussie's wildly popular webcomic Homestuck. The Homestuck game's Kickstarter was the ninth highest grossing Kickstarter campaign in 2012, where it went on to raise $2,485,506.

Homestuck concept art.

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