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Five for Virtual Console

First NeoGeo helpings.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

This week we say hello to the NeoGeo on the Virtual Console, which brings with it classic beat-'em-up Fatal Fury.

There you'll hop into constricting jeans of Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard or Joe Higashi, before travelling to the mean streets of South Town to do some fist-themed cleaning. Yours for 900 points (GBP 6.75 / EUR 9).

Everywhere else you look is SEGA, slopping out all sorts of stuff from the Mega Drive days.

There's Axel, Skate and Blaze lining up for more fighting in Streets of Rage 3, or the leopard-print pants of Barbarian and pals in Golden Axe III.

You can also take to the skies in a fancy helicopter for some scrolling shooting in Super Thunder Blade, or turn into an Elf and search for riches in Landstalker: Treasures of King Nole.

These will all cost you 800 points (GBP 6 / EUR 8), and everything you see here will be individually picked to pieces in our weekly Virtual Console round-up. So if you are not sure, then hold fire for just a little while longer.

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