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MS SingStar game, SK's The Crucible, more

Yes, it's Intellisponse again. Tons more.

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So you've read about the Guitar Hero IV controller information, the Microsoft Mii-style avatar system and the Forza 3 download scenarios, but that's not everything the dedicated NeoGAF kids managed to bust out of market research firm Intellisponse's website in the dead of the comedy night: there's also stuff on a new Silicon Knights game, Call of Duty 5 and a Microsoft SingStar pretender.

SingStar has been a huge success for Sony, of course, and apart from a miserable karaoke game for the original Xbox Microsoft has been unable to fight back. Apparently the eventual counter-punch is called "Lips", and has two wireless microphones, a catalogue of 30 songs (including Madonna), and a downloadable songs service, and rates your singing based on pitch, tone and rhythm. Distinguishing it a bit would be the option to import your own music from CDs and iPod, which would then reduce the vocal track so you can hear yourself singing along, although presumably you'd have to do without lyric prompts.

Meanwhile, Silicon Knights is on the verge of finishing Too Human - an Xbox 360 exclusive tied up with Microsoft - but the company is also known to be working with SEGA on a current-gen console title originally announced over three years ago, and now it looks like that game could be The Crucible: Evil Within. According to the Intellisponse leaksplosion, it's an action-adventure that you can check out in a short YouTube clip showing various gameplay scenarios. SEGA has been contacted for comment, but we've heard nothing back yet.

Also on the site is news of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II, which will apparently have "over 20" playable characters including Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Venom and the Human Torch, and is supposedly set during the "Civil War" story and forces you to choose sides. There's also talk of fusing the abilities of two characters to create hybrid powers, and target platforms are said to be Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP and DS.

Elsewhere on the Activision front, Call of Duty 5 is confirmed as Call of Duty: World at War, with box artwork mockups to boot. COD5 is set during World War II and is supposedly due out this year from Treyarch, with a big reveal expected later this month.

That's still not everything, either. There's a leaked video of Ultimate Band, Disney's Wiimote-and-nunchuk-controlled Rock Band equivalent; talk of Wii Yoga, with "adaptable weekly schedule of exercises that will leave you feeling refreshed" where you match a yoga guru's on-screen "poses, stretches and triangular positions" with Wiimote and balance board (publisher/developer unknown); a pop culture version of the "Scene It?" quiz game; and a few other things that we're checking out with publishers at the time of writing.

Poor old Intellisponse. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to change all our passwords.

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