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Forza Motorsport 3 details and DLC plans?

Yet more from the Intellisponse blunder.

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Forza Motorsport 3 could include over 400 cars and 100 tracks, brand new race modes and take up so much space it requires two DVDs.

That's according to information leaked as part of the gigantic Intellisponse breach this weekend, rounded up by X3F. Intellisponse is a market research firm, and it looks like naughtier sections of the Internet have been rifling through its bins.

Forza 3, which Microsoft has not officially announced, is detailed in a slideshow that also mentions extensive plans for downloadable content and a VIP service for letting people subscribe to access everything for a one-off fee. Presumably the idea was to get a section of the public's feedback on specific pricing scenarios. Well, that's certainly going to happen now.

Those new race modes we mentioned include "drag, drift, oval, point to point racing, etc", and there's talk of "near limitless customisation options for car tuning and custom artwork" and a "powerful assist system" to help idiots learn to drive. Forza 2 had those things, obviously, so we'll assume they are now bigger and better, if not more badass.

"Assume that new cars and tracks would be released on Xbox Live shortly after the launch of Forza 3 and continuing on each month," the slides continue, preparing to test the group's reactions. "For example, every month you might see a new pack of 10 cars for [GBP 3.40 / USD 4.99 - there are US and UK slides] and every three months, a real-world race track for [GBP 3.40 / USD 4.99]." There could also be larger expansions - perhaps 30 cars and a new track for GBP 13.60 / USD 19.99 - a few months after release.

More interesting is talk of a VIP membership option for GBP 13.60 / USD 19.99, which would sign you up to download everything that's released for the game on Xbox Live, entrance into exclusive online events, and other perks like "VIP status on Forza Auction House and Community boards, extra server space for photos and videos, and a free month of Live".

There could also be a Collector's Edition of the game featuring unique content. "This could be anything from authentic racing gear (gloves, helmets, etc) to specially created automobile manufacture gear (branded jackets, etc) to VIP motorsport event tickets"

Finally, there's talk of a special 2010 edition of Forza Motorsport 3 to launch a year after release rounding up all the previous 12 months' DLC and adding 30 new cars, a new real-world racing track and 2010 liveries for each existing vehicle, along with the top 20 user-generated car skins and tuning set-ups. This would then slot in at a mid-range price.

At this point, Microsoft has yet to officially comment on anything Forza 3-related. It's also worth reiterating that the information smuggled out of Intellisponse is not secret squirrel blueprints for Forza 3, but rather possible scenarios to test responses.

Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how those involved in this impressive Internet meltdown go about cleaning it up.

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