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MS offers Halo 3 reassurance

Says entire first shipment of Crackdown features invites.

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Microsoft has reassured gamers worried about not finding a Halo 3 beta invitation in their copy of Crackdown.

"The initial shipment of Crackdown at retail will include access to the Halo 3 beta," a spokesperson wrote on Gamerscoreblog. "The 'initial shipment' is pretty huge, so there will be enough to go around."

And yes, that does include UK versions of the game.

It all reminds us a bit of Zone of the Enders 2, really: truckloads of gamers chomping at the bit to get their hands on one game so they can gain demo access to something else. Let's hope Real Time Worlds' effort can keep people satisfied as well as offering them a way in to another Master Chief runaround.

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