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Most PS3s bought second-hand - report

Says website that does deals on PS3.

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Most people buy a PS3 second-hand according to a new study by a website that, er, offers deals on PS3s.

UK website PS3PriceCompare surveyed over 1000 owners of the console and found that 33 per cent had bought a used machine.

Bizarrely, the second most popular method of PS3 purchase was via signing up for a mobile phone contract and receiving the console as an incentive. A considerable 26 per cent said they'd gotten their PS3 this way.

Only 24 per cent admitted to paying full price for Sony's flagship console.

The rest were either given a PS3 as a gift (14 per cent) or won the console in a competition (3 per cent).

78 per cent of the 1017 people that took part said they had bought a second-hand game for PS3.

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