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More on Crysis multiplayer

Just two modes now. has been given an exclusive look at the multiplayer options in forthcoming PC shooter Crysis - with Crytek boss Cevat Yerli confirming that there are now just two modes to choose from.

The first of these is Instant Action, otherwise recognisable as Deathmatch. But according to Yerli, "Unleashing the nano suit into the Deathmatch experience reimagines the experience. It becomes completely different."

The second mode is Power Struggle, which involves a lot more strategy. Your mission is to destroy the enemy HQ, capturing bunkers and alien crash sites along the way to earn "prestige points". These are used to purchase guns, ammo and other useful items.

But what happened to the Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes which, as Yerli told us last year, were also set to appear in the game?

Well, Yerli now explains, Crytek did start work on Team Deathmatch, or Team Action as it would have been known - but found the other modes were more popular with players.

"Team action mode was a bit more of a tactical mode... The closest game to it was Counter-Strike," he said.

"We had to drop it because we didn't feel that people were favouring Team Action. The fact it was similar to Counter-Strike was another reason not to have it, but not the number one reason - internal tests showed that people gravitated either to Instant Action or Power Struggle.

"For us it was a matter of focus and saying, 'Let's make sure power struggle is really big' and focusing on that. We balanced the hell out of it to make sure everything's tuned and tweaked, so we're sure we have something strong in multiplayer."

To find out more about Crysis's multiplayer modes and what we think of them, read our exclusive preview. There are also some brand new screenshots to check out, plus exclusive footage on Eurogamer TV. Not to mention yet more screens on Eurogamer Germany and Eurogamer France, and another video to watch.

And finally... A full interview with Yerli will be published on Eurogamer this Thursday.