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More leaked Blizzard art suggests Diablo 3 Necromancer class

Cryptic undertaking.

Could Diablo 3 be about to get a Necromancer playable class? That's the suggestion in the newest piece of leaked Blizzard concept art - which was found on the same Blizzard Gear servers as the secret Overwatch Sombra art earlier.

The picture's original URL included the word "necromancer" but said nothing more revealing. It was quickly removed but not before a copy could be preserved on imgur.

Pictured are two rather poorly looking individuals surrounded by a horde of risen dead - a telltale Necromancer trait if ever I've seen one. The female necromancer even has a hovering skull above her open hand, radiating some kind of green fire. They are not fooling anybody.

The leaked art.

How do we know this picture is Diablo? Well, we don't. The only markings on the picture belong to the signature of Blizzard art director John Mueller. His LinkedIn profile doesn't mention specific projects.

But the picture style is Diablo-y, and of the other plausible candidates, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, WOW has just had an expansion and new class, and Heroes of the Storm doesn't tend to have male and female variations of characters. The Necromancer was also a Diablo 2 playable class that didn't make the cut in Diablo 3, because the Witch Doctor appeared instead.

The Necromancer in action in Diablo 2. That's a lot of skeletons.Watch on YouTube

On top of that, we're expecting big things in relation to Diablo at BlizzCon this week, what with it being the 20th anniversary of the game. There was even a suggestion we may hear about Diablo 4, though another expansion to Diablo 3 would be just as welcome (and presumably much closer at hand).

The BlizzCon opening ceremony will be the time and place for any big reveals, and it starts 6pm UK time Friday evening. Chris Bratt will be in the audience at the event, reporting live, and we'll be covering it from the UK as well. Join us! It's not a question.

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