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More iPhone 5 rumours emerge

Sep 2011 release, no "major update".

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The iPhone 5 looks set for launch in September after more rumours of the inevitable device hit the internet.

Sources at component makers told DigiTimes Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 15 million iPhone 5s (iPhone 4S) from Apple, with shipping set for September this year.

Apparently, according to the sources, the iPhone 5 "does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4".

The DigiTimes report backs up a Bloomberg story from last month that claimed the iPhone 5 "closely resembles" its predecessor and will launch in September.

The iPhone 5 will reportedly sport a speedier A5 processor – the same chip that powers the iPad 2.

It'll also supposedly boast an eight megapixel camera – a significant jump up from the iPhone 4's five megapixel lens.

The phone will run the new iOS 5, which apparently adds improved messaging and photo-sharing features.

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