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More Guitar Hero content soon

Expect something next month.

RedOctane has hinted that Guitar Hero II fans can expect to see more Xbox Live Marketplace content next month.

Speaking on the game's official website, forum administrator "rodth" advised posters to "look for something to come down the pipeline around the July timeframe".

Unfortunately that's all RedOctane can say at the time of writing.

Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360 has already been supported by a bit of downloadable content, with three "Track Packs" available featuring songs ported across from the original PS2 Guitar Hero.

RedOctane owner Activision has previously declined to comment on reports that the next three song packs will also feature GH1 tracks.

The publisher is currently gearing up for an old-fashioned battle of the bands later this year when new Guitar Hero developer Neversoft goes up against their newly EA- and MTV-aligned predecessor Harmonix, whose Rock Band title aims to build on the foundations laid by Guitar Hero - and expand their particular brand of rhythm-action to encompass vocals and drums in addition to lead and bass guitars.

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