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Moore: Sony/MS to look beyond motion

MS "constantly thinking 3-5 years ahead".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA Sports president Peter Moore believes that both Sony and Microsoft will be looking at Nintendo's success with the Wiimote in terms of how to build on it rather than "replicate" the functionality in this generation.

Asked about motion controllers by GameTrailers, Moore said: "I think that, knowing Microsoft in particular obviously, is that they are constantly thinking three to five years ahead of where consumer behaviour's going to be, how do people want to interact with their games, and are probably thinking about - not how do we replicate, you know, motion control, but how do we go one step further?

"So, to your point, I think they're doing that and I think Sony are probably the same."

Microsoft has been heavily linked with a Wiimote-style controller in the past, while Sony reportedly had a break-apart motion controller in development - although the PS3 Sixaxis and DualShock 3 both already allow for a degree of motion control.

Having been boss of the Xbox business for several years prior to his arrival at EA Sports in 2007, Moore could well have been privy to discussions about a new peripheral, but if he was then, hardly surprisingly, he's keeping it quiet.

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