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Monster Hunter World's next Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest starts tomorrow on PS4

Unlocks Aloy full armour and bow.

Monster Hunter World's second Horizon Zero Dawn crossover quest will commence tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and Capcom has offered final details.

When Monster Hunter World launched last month, it brought a special event quest enabling PS4 players to craft Palico armour that resembled a Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn. This second collaboration quest (which was teased well before the game's release) unlocks the ability to forge armour that turns hunters into Horizon Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy. You can see both the hunter and Palico gear in action below.

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To unlock the transformational full armour set (known as "Aloy α"), as well as Aloy's Bow, players will need to complete the new The Proving event quest - requiring the successful elimination of a giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest.

"This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered", says Capcom, "and your typical attacks may not reach its height". Given its ferocious demeanour, hunters will need have reached Rank 11 in order to accept the quest.

The Horizon Zero Dawn event quest begins at midnight GMT on February 28th - that's 1.00am CET - and will run until March 15th at 23:59 GMT / 00.59 CET.

Capcom also notes that Monster Hunter World's collaboration quests will run on a rotating schedule, meaning that players can attempt quests they missed previously - such as the Horizon Zero Dawn Palico quest, or the more recent Street Fighter crossover - at a later date.