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Monster Hunter World - Pearlspring Macaque locations for completing the Pearl Snatchers event

How to get the time-limited head armour during Iceborne'e launch.

Pearlspring Macaques are small creatures you can find when exploring Monster Hunter World.

Finding them is a required part of the Pearl Snatchers quest, a Master Rank event that runs until October 3rd 2019.

Catch enough of them and you can craft the unique looking Pearlspring Alpha + head armour. Provided you know where you look, this takes no time at all.

Where to find Pearlstring Macaque locations in Monster Hunter World

The Pearl Snatchers quest has you find a total of six Pearlstring Macaques - monkeys who appear in hot springs in the Hoarfrost Reach region.

The easiest way to complete this quest is to spawn at the Western camp in area 5, which puts you in the middle of two Pearlspring Macaque spawning locations - the hot springs within areas 6 and 2.

At a hot spring you'll see several Pearlspring Macaques bathing in the water. Equip the Capture Net, aim at one of the Pearlspring Macaques, then throw it before it flees to add one to your total.

You won't get all six at a single hot spring, so visit the other one (or simply do a loop round the other areas so they respawn again) to get what you need.

If no Pearlstring Macaques are in the pool, then either revisit later, or look around the edges - for example, at the Area 6 hot spring you can see them flee through the snow to the north.

How to craft Pearlspring Alpha + in Monster Hunter World

When you complete the quest, you'll earn a Pearlspring Ticket. This is one of the components needed to craft the Pearlspring Alpha +, a helmet with 120 defence and 5 Ice defence that could be a quick and useful piece of armour if you're just starting Master Rank as part of the Iceborne expansion.

Most importantly, however, its appearance is a Pearlspring Macaque that is sitting on your head. Worth the effort alone, we'd say!

To craft the Pearlspring Alpha +, you will need a total of three Pearlspring Tickets, which means three runs of this quest. With each run taking five or so minutes, this is a pretty speedy process.

That said, you also need a few other resources - 2x Prized Pelt and 2x Thick Bone.

Thankfully, these are fairly common resources. Prized Pelt comes from carving small monsters roaming throughout Master Rank. Meanwhile, Thick Bone comes from bone piles in Master Rank, as per other common bone locations in the game.

With these all done, the Pearlspring Alpha + is yours!