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Monster Hunter World is the biggest Japanese game on Steam ever

Critical hit.

Monster Hunter World is the biggest Japanese game on Steam ever.

More people are playing Monster Hunter World than GTA 5 on Steam right now.

Capcom's brilliant co-op adventure game (check out Martin's Monster Hunter World review for more) launched on Steam yesterday and hit a peak of 240,901 players.

That put it at number four on the most popular Steam games list, behind PUBG, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ahead of behemoths GTA 5, Warframe and Rainbow Six Siege.

According to Steam Charts, Monster Hunter World is the seventh biggest launch on Steam ever by concurrent players, and the biggest launch on Steam of 2018.

The previous Steam concurrent record-holder for a Japanese game was Dark Souls 3, which hit 129,831 players back in April 2016. Remember when Japanese game companies refused to make PC versions of their games?

If you're looking to get into Monster Hunter World on PC, be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World guide hub.

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