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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne introduces RNG raid weapons next week

Give it a roll.

The new Safi'jiiva Elder Dragon has only just been introduced to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but there's already a new Siege version of the monster on the way.

Next week on 13th December, you'll take on Saji'jiiva, the grown up version of the Xeno'jiiva, in a special Siege mission in the Gathering Hub. You can fight the beast right now in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but the next Siege mission - in the same vein as the Kulve Taroth - won't start until next week.

Accomplish the Safi'jiiva Siege, and you'll be presented with a randomised selection of weapon types as a reward. You can pick three of these "Awakened" weapons to keep, and although they all have the same base stats for damage, they come in all element types. This is the first proper instance of RNG raid rewards in Monster Hunter: World.

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Through the Saji'jiiva Siege, you'll also earn Dracolite. You can use this new crafting material to upgrade your Awakened weapons, giving them special abilities that increase affinity, sharpness, elemental damage, and more. There's a randomised pool of abilities you can pick from when upgrading an Awakened weapon, so you can't apply any ability to any weapon you want.

This is a big deal for Monster Hunter: World. Raid quests aren't new to the game, but these randomised weapons present a brand new way to earn some elite items, skipping out the usual forging and upgrading route at the Smithy.

The Safi'jiiva Siege quest begins for all Iceborne players on 13th December and lasts until 5th January.