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Monster Hunter World gets a free trial on PS4

Chase it down.

A Monster Hunter World free trial is live now on PlayStation 4 and runs until 20th May.

The trial lets you play the opening section of Capcom's wildly popular game.

All eight assignments up to Hunter Rank 4 / 3★ quests are available as part of the free trial. You start by customising your hunter, then head to the New World as a member of the Research Commission to solve the mystery of the Elder Crossing.

If you meet certain conditions, you can also go on optional quests, investigations, event quests and challenge quests before hitting Hunter Rank 4 / 3★ assignments.

The trial includes two locations: the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste (the main story includes five). You can visit these locations to complete quests or just explore.

As you'd expect, you can play online with others who own the full version, and your save data carries over into the full version, should you choose to pick it up after the trial ends.

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Monster Hunter World is well worth a go if you haven't already tried it. Our Martin Robinson awarded it an Essential badge in the Eurogamer review, calling it "the most accessible, most detailed and most magnificent entry yet".