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Monster Hunter 3 for Wii

Unveiled by Iwata.

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Nintendo overlord Satoru Iwata has revealed that Monster Hunter 3 is being made for Wii.

He took to the stage at the recent Japanese media briefing to unveil the news, which was helpfully live blogged by magazine Gemaga and translated by 1UP. It is the same conference responsible for the Wii Fit date and revelation that Mario Kart would feature bikes.

Monster Hunter is a series of games for PSP from Capcom that has been been wildly popular in Japan, with each edition shifting more than one million copies.

The third instalment had previously been announced for PS3, although no mention of it was made by either Capcom or Nintendo at the briefing. Details on gameplay and dates were also missing, probably because some sort of dinosaur-thing had gobbled them up.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was released for PSP in Europe in September, roughly seven months later than its Japanese counterpart. We enjoyed it, although we couldn't help thinking it had fallen short of its full potential.

Pop over to our Monster Hunter Freedom 2 review to see why.

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