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Monster Boy's Gamescom trailer shows off six playable characters

Wonder Boy spiritual successor is shaping up nicely.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - the Wonder Boy spiritual successor by that series' creator Ryuichi Nishizawa alongside Flying Hamster developer Game Atelier USA - now has a new trailer in honour of Gamescom.

This following video shows off all six playable characters and their unique abilities. Players will be able to hot-swap between unlocked roles at the touch of a button.

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As you can see, the Lion can dash and ground-pound; the Frog use his tongue to swallow and spit enemies and objects in a Yoshi-like capacity as well as swing from fixed points; the Dragon can fly and spits fireballs; the Snake can slither across ceilings; the Pig's talents are less clear, though the HUD suggests that his snout comes in handy so perhaps he can sniff out secrets?

Then of course there's Monster Boy's human form. It's unclear if he has any specific powers, but transforming into five different animals is a pretty great party trick in its own right.

Monster Boy is due later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.