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Molyneux asks critics to do him a favour

Wants us to get a non-gamer to play it too.

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Having given Fable 2 9/10 in his own unofficial review last month, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux is now dispensing tips and instructions to those of us who had to wait.

According to Variety, US review copies were accompanied with letters from Molyneux asking critics to "please, please, please, please, please find somebody who doesn't play games, watch them play it and see how their world turns out, because I think it's only when you see those differences that the unique experiences comes through".

Fable 2 was designed to "appeal to anybody", he said, and it's certainly been a theme of Molyneux's public pronouncements and the systems upon which the game is built, including the simple combat mechanics and the dog, who acts as a visual cue for a lot of content and events you might otherwise miss at a glance.

Molyneux also explained that the delayed online co-op mode would not be available to review until after the game comes out.

Lionhead is far from the first developer to issue letters and pleas with its review code, as you might imagine. Most recently, in a letter accompanying copies of Alone in the Dark from Atari, developer Eden Studios spoke up for its unorthodox design and politely asked reviewers to pay attention to it.

Fable 2 is due out exclusively for Xbox 360 on 24th October, and you can read our most recent Fable 2 hands-on preview for more information, and check out last week's interview with senior folks on the Fable 2 art team for more insight into the game's development.

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