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ModernWarfare3 directs to Battlefield 3

But who is the website trickster?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The website redirects visitors to the official Battlefield 3 website,

Who is responsible? An anonymous owner who registered with Domains by Proxy - a US service that keeps buyers private.

Before pointed elsewhere, the site contained an anti-Call of Duty video and defamatory text claiming Battlefield 3 would be the superior game, according to Kotaku.

Is such a tactic beyond EA's aggressive marketing campaign? Could this simply be the work of an irate fan with enough money to clinch a high profile URL from underneath Activision's nose?

Activision doesn't own website or And it's highly unlikely Activision owns - unless this is some twisted/ingenious marketing ploy.

What ModernWarfare3 should be showing you.

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