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Mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall hits Steam next month

Pre-order to get the original Deus Ex for free.

Mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall launches on Steam on 25th March, Square Enix has announced.

There it costs £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99. If you pre-order or buy it for a limited time after launch you also get the original Deus Ex - Game of the Year Edition for free.

The PC version includes keyboard and mouse controls, Steam achievements, "adjusted AI", Steam Trading cards and badges, a revised tutorial and no in-game purchase options.

As a result, the game economy has been rebalanced. There's also Microsoft controller support, resolution and anti-aliasing options and v-sync.

Now the game has moved away from touchscreens, Square Enix has removed the auto target options, reduced the size of the aiming recital and given players a choice of cover control style.

Eidos Montreal, with Thief now out the door, is hard at work on Deus Ex Universe and a "full on, triple-A" Deus Ex game.