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Miyamoto: Nintendo mulls more Zelda 3DS remakes

Torn between Majora's Mask or A Link to the Past.

Nintendo is currently contemplating which Zelda game to remake next for 3DS, top designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed.

The candidates? Dark N64 adventure Majora's Mask, or 2D SNES classic A Link to the Past.

"We haven't quite decided yet whether we're going to do A Link to the Past, because there's also the possibility of doing a remake of Majora's Mask," Miaymoto told IGN.

"This is something we've certainly been talking about and doing a little bit of experimenting with, to figure out which way we're going to go."

Fans will have to wait "just a little while longer" for Nintendo's decision, Miaymoto explained. The project is one of many at an increasingly busy Nintendo.

"We have so many goals right now. We're always looking at expanding our audience and giving people the opportunity to get their hands on 3DS and see what kind of fun gaming experiences they can have. And now, we're also tasked with pushing the Wii U. So we have lots of good opportunities in terms of thinking about which Zelda game is going to be best for which purpose."

It's not the first time Miyamoto has discussed the possibility of revamping Zelda classics. But Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma previously stated the next 3DS Zelda should be an all-new release.

"Recently we released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as a remake. We are considering the idea [of a Majora's Mask remake], but it didn't seem right to launch a remake one after another," Aonuma reasoned. "So the next Zelda game on 3DS will be original."

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