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"Misconception" that MMOs must look naff

APB looks as good as any, says boss.

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Realtime Worlds boss Colin MacDonald has said there is a "misconception" that MMOs are not as good-looking as single-player games.

"There's a misconception among MMOs that they don't need to look as good as other games," said MacDonald.

"We think that when people look at a screenshot of APB they won't think, 'It's not so good, it must be an online game' - they won't know."

MacDonald was speaking at the GameHorizon conference yesterday, watched by, and demonstrating character customisation in the game.

All Points Bulletin is a modern, urban MMO for the PC and Xbox 360 (and maybe PS3), where you choose between being a law-breaker or a law-enforcer.

Developer Realtime Worlds, the brain behind Crackdown, used its recently-earned USD 50 million in funding to buy back the rights to the game from Webzen and go it alone.

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