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Mini Motorways is the new game from the maker of Mini Metro

Road to victory.

Brilliant mobile phone game Mini Metro is getting a sequel of sorts. It's called Mini Motorways, and sees you laying down roads instead of metro lines.

Mini Motorways will launch first for iPhone, via subscription service Apple Arcade, this Thursday, 19th September.

After that, there's a Steam page for a PC version due in 2020.

Mini Metro, which itself sounds like the name of an old motor, is an evergreen gem of the App Store, a construction simulator where your finger lays down train lines to try and cope with the growing population of various world cities.

Mini Motorways appears to be similar, albeit with a Google Maps rather than tube map aesthetic. The equivalent of stations appear to be houses and factory-like buildings which all require linking up via tarmac. It looks like there's bridges and flyovers, too.

The game is a launch title for Apple Arcade, which also launches this Thursday. More than 50 games will be available via the service, which will cost £5/$5 per month and offer mobile games without advertising or in-app purchases.