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Midway arcade titles on PS3

Downloadable MK2, Joust etc.

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Sony Online Entertainment has done a deal with Midway to bring a sextet of ageing arcade titles to PlayStation 3's network store in 2007.

Mortal Kombat II, Gauntlet II, Joust, Rampage World Tour, Rampart and Championship Sprint have been chosen - specifically for their multiplayer functionality, according to SOE.

The first title will be released in "early 2007" according to those involved, when it'll take its place alongside the likes of GripShift and Cash Guns Chaos on the PS3 Store.

It's not the first time Midway games have appeared in this manner of course, with some of the above series already available in similar form on Xbox 360's Live Arcade.

Joust was among Xbox Live Arcade's launch titles, alongside the original Gauntlet, while Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 joined the line-up in late 2006.

Midway's arcade back catalogue has also thrown up the likes of Defender, Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV as Live Arcade titles, with Paperboy said to be on the way this year.

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