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Microsoft's new Windows 11 widget connects to your Game Pass library

Widget Pass.

Microsoft has revealed a new widget for Windows, showcasing the latest games available on PC Game Pass.

It's the first widget to be released for Windows 11 since the operating system was released in October 2021.

The widget is currently under preview and only available to Windows Insiders running the latest Windows 11 Preview Build.

Screenshot of the PC Game Pass widget showing tiles of games.
The Game Pass widget.

Microsoft is still working on adding more features before releasing it to the masses, including the ability to sign-in to your account to show your recently played games and get personalised recommendations.

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To add the widget, just open up the widgets board shown by clicking the left corner of your taskbar, then pin the widget by selecting the + button in the top right corner of the widgets board.

While it's not the most exciting widget in the world, one could certainly argue its more interesting than the stock Weather and Bing News widgets.

Hopefully Microsoft will continue to iterate on the widget rather than let it catch dust.

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