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"Microsoft Xbox Durango Development Kit" sells for thousands of pounds on eBay

Only comes with one wired controller!

A could-be-real next-gen Xbox devkit has been sold on eBay for £12,833 - or $20,1000, if you like thicker wads of notes.

This "Microsoft Xbox Durango Development Kit" is one of two prototype units we've heard a lot about in recent weeks.

The machines apparently belong to a man going by the alias of DaE, who first leaked pictures and specs of the Durango devkit, then posted a picture showing what Kinect 2.0 was capable of.

He confirmed on his Twitter account that the "Microsoft Xbox Durango Development Kit" sold on eBay was his, and one of two prototype machines he owned.

"I sold one of two I own," DaE remarked on Twitter. "I still have the one that featured in news, the other one wasn't really necessary to keep as a leg rest."

There were 18 bidders and 43 bids in total. The winner, "****x" swooped in towards the end, raising the stakes from $16,000 to $20,000 in one bid. That bid was matched, so an extra $100 was splashed.

I wonder who the mystery winner is - Microsoft? Sony? And are the goods even legit? Questions, questions.

The real deal?

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