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Microsoft tests "surprise me" Xbox dashboard button

Are you feeling lucky?

Xbox One owners may spot a new "surprise me" button on their dashboard. Hit it, and your Xbox will suggest a random game from your library to play.

The feature is currently available to those enrolled in Microsoft's Insider testing program. You'll find it within the My Games & Apps section, next to the search and filter options.

The option was first spotted by Reddit user Filthy_Firestarter, who's enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead test pool - one of the first to try new features.

"It won't automatically launch a game," the user said. Instead, "it brings up a popup where you can launch from there". Handy, in case it picks something you forgot to delete and really don't want to play.

New "Surprise Me/Random Game" icon in My Games and Apps [Skip-Ahead] from r/xboxone

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