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Microsoft scraps Forza Street

Spring shutdown.

Forza Street shuts down in the spring, Microsoft has announced.

In a FAQ, Turn 10 Studios principal design director Andy Beaudoin said the "difficult decision" was made to close Forza Street "after careful consideration".

The team now "shifts its focus to new and exciting Forza experiences", Beaudoin continued.

"We understand this is tough news for our players, however, we wanted to take this time to share our gratitude and thanks to all who joined us on our first journey into mobile."

Originally released on PC in April 2019 before a mobile launch in 2020, Forza Street was designed as a quick-fire, super-accessible spin on Turn 10 Studios' celebrated series, offering "under-a-minute" street races that see players competing to unlock new cars and upgrade parts.

Microsoft called Forza Street an "evolving experience", with the promise of "interesting characters, mystery, and intrigue, explored through a narrative driven campaign".

But Forza Street was criticised for its monetisation and, clearly, it failed to take off.

As part of the shutdown plan, Turn 10 has released a new car, made energy recharge faster and reduced wait times on car shows. Prices on all items bought with in-game currency are reduced, too.

"We want to ensure our dedicated players have an opportunity to finish off the collection goals we know so many have been working on for some time," Beaudoin said.

As you'd expect, in-app purchases have been turned off, and refunds on purchases made within the past 30 days will be issued automatically.

The upshot is that in the spring, Forza Street will be discontinued and will no longer be available to play.

"We would like to thank all the players who have given their time, feedback, and dedication to Forza Street," Beaudoin said.

"Our top goal for the Forza franchise is to foster a global community of players who love cars. Forza Street brought in a whole new set of players to Forza and we've learned a ton from you.

"While saying goodbye to Forza Street may be difficult, know that its DNA will live on in the next wave of products we create to excite, delight, and satisfy the automotive gaming passions of players across the world, where and how they like to play."

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