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Microsoft raising prices for Xbox Series X, Game Pass in coming months

Xbox Series S and Game Pass PC unaffected.

Microsoft has announced a price hike for its Xbox Series X console across most of the world, as well as for monthly Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, with the increases set to come into effect over the next few months.

As reported by The Verge, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be impacted by the changes first. Prices are set to rise for new customers on 6th July, but existing monthly subscribers won't see the changes until 13th August (13th September in Germany).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will increase from £10.99/€12.99/$14.99 USD a month to £12.99/€14.99/$16.99, while Game Pass for Console rises from £7.99/€9.99/$8.99 a month to £8.99/€10.99/$10.99. Xbox Game Pass for PC will be unaffected.

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As for Xbox Series X, that'll see a price increase in most countries - excluding the US, Japan, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia - on 1st August. In the UK, the console will rise from £449.99 to £479.99, while most of Europe will see an increase from €499.99 to €549.99. That brings Xbox Series X directly in line with PlayStation 5, which received a price increase in August last year. No price adjustments have been announced for Xbox Series S.

Addressing the price increases in a statement provided to The Verge, Xbox head of communications Kari Perez said, "We've held on our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted the prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market".

Xbox boss Phil Spencer acknowledged price increases were likely to be on the way last October. "We've held price on our console, we've held price on games and our subscription. I don't think we'll be able to do that forever," he said at the time.

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