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Microsoft promises "consistency" with Halo Infinite seasonal updates

As Season Three launches today.

The Oasis map in Halo Infinite - a huge metal building fires light down into the ground as a player watches on.
Image credit: Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft has promised more "consistency" with Halo Infinite seasonal updates, as its third season launches today.

As shared on Xbox Wire, 343 Industries' head of live performance Sean Baron discussed the future of seasonal updates.

"In our preview of Season 3, I said that this is the beginning of what seasonality is for Halo Infinite. But 'seasonality' is restrictive. To me, seasonality is really about consistency - we need to be consistent in everything. I feel very confident with where we've gone with Season 3, and I have very strong confidence that we're going to be able to keep improving that consistency, and avoid, completely, the long seasons of the past," he said.

"We're going to be more consistent. We're going to continue to evolve the game in close partnership with our players. We're focused on shipping Season 3 and then, as Chief said, we're '[r]eady to get back to work.'"

Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

In the blog post, Baron detailed the new content found in this season update, including new maps, modes, weapons, narrative stuff and more.

Three new maps have been added: two arena maps, Chasm and Cliffhanger, and one Big Team Battle map, Oasis.

Baron stated "you can find any type of combat space you're looking for" when describing the variety on offer in each map.

Escalation Slayer is a new mode akin to a gun game mode, where players begin with the same weapon and kills are rewarded with a new weapon. Here, players will receive a different secondary weapon leading to various combinations.

Other inclusions are the shroud screen item in which players can hide, and the M392 Bandit Rifle weapon. The story will also follow on from Lone Wolves.

"The 100-level Battle Pass, I think, is really going to resonate with our core players - and because our Passes never expire, players who want to spend some time working through all those levels can do that at their own speed," said Baron of the new Battle Pass.

"That's the thing that for me is a big deal - as we move forward with the service, we need multiple options for our different kinds of players. Some people hate cat ears on their Spartan - maybe they really want to keep investing in that hardcore, military, Spartan aesthetic. Some people, like me, love cat ears on their Spartan. That's awesome. We'll have both. We're going to explore what appeals to folks - to me, a service is a relationship, and we need to explore what that relationship means. What do players want? 'Okay, well, you don't want that. We won't give you any more of that.' And so there's going to be some really fun variety that I think pushes in directions that, from a uniqueness perspective, we haven't done so far."

Halo Infinite Season Three is available from today.